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The aerospace and defense industry faces many unique challenges due to the amount of regulation. Program managers must constantly analyze data as part of their quest to optimize performance and minimize exposure to risk. To help them succeed, aerospace firms are increasingly working with technology consulting firms to filter out the noise from the information that matters.

As a three-time recipient of the coveted Supplier Excellence Award by Northrop Grumman, UB Technology Innovations, Inc (UBTI) experienced aerospace software developers can optimize your processes for program and supply chain visibility, AS9100 audits, documented risk mitigation plans, CAPA, and more. Our best-in-class software solution simplify the daunting complexities of supply chain risks, strategic sourcing, and quality control.

Identify program and supplier performance issues before they become problems by monitoring material delivery, compliance, and quality control. The color-coded dashboard alerts users of potential issues on the horizon.

Our experts can propose and implement solution accelerators to integrate and enhance your existing systems. We incorporate the newest technology to help aerospace firms maximize efficiency and increase their profitability.

Makes the integration of various systems easy, allowing firms to modernize their legacy platforms and consolidate or eliminate enterprise information silos. This cloud-ready framework allows developers to plug & play applications.