CAPSTONE Alert Management

Managing Alerts for Product Integrity and Authenticity

Aerospace firms are tasked with navigating a sea of alerts to stay informed. Critical information comes from all directions, whether internally or from customers or GIDEP. The notifications can range from counterfeit parts to obsolescent software, conflict materials, and everything in between.

CAPSTONE’s Alert Management module makes it easy to track pertinent alerts and document what action is taken, if any. This saves time and streamlines the compliance requirements of AS9100, ISO9001, AS5553 and AS6174.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The aerospace firm subscribes only to the alert categories that apply to them.
  2. An assigned user receives alerts and posts them to CAPSTONE if they may affect the firm.
  3. The appropriate department(s) are notified, and documents whether action is needed or not. If it is, a CAPA can be created within CAPSTONE.

The alert system allows various business units to handle the same notification differently. One department may choose to mark it as “information bulletin”, while a more impacted department may select “alert – action required.” This is especially useful for larger organizations.

A record is kept of everything, allowing for complete transparency. Reports are easy to generate and can be segmented by business unit or project so users only see what matters to them. The module can be maintained in the cloud or on-site, and seamlessly integrates with existing business systems and other CAPSTONE modules.

Program managers can now stay informed of applicable alerts – without all the noise.

Superior alert management.