CAPSTONE Program Performance

Essential program metrics at your fingertips

Aerospace firms can now monitor the status of all their programs in one place. CAPSTONE’s color-coded charts are populated in real-time to show which programs are on track and which have issues on the horizon. This empowers procurement managers to swiftly evaluate their programs and address potential issues as early as possible.

Managers often don’t hear about issues until they’ve become problems. The Program Performance module highlights underperformance early so managers can see it in the headlights rather than the rearview mirror. Systematic assessments are run to keep users informed at a duration of their choosing. Custom alerts are sent between assessments if a particular metric falls outside of specified parameters.

Other CAPSTONE features include:

  • Convenient color-coded visibility into technical elements, cost, schedule, risk, customer satisfaction, and quality.
  • The interactive dashboard displays a complete portfolio of programs that can be clicked to drill down into individual project details.
  • CAPA helps users take action if a program is struggling.

CAPSTONE integrates with your existing systems to become the central hub of data on suppliers, customers, internal organizations, and programs. Managers can now spend their time managing programs, rather than searching for information and generating reports.

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