The Client

Our client is a leading multinational digital engineering services company specializing in the advanced technology space.

Challenges Faced by the Client

Today’s top challenge for all networking teams globally in every organization is to protect highly sensitive data, safeguard the organization from cyber attacks, wipe out vulnerabilities, and also to track & monitor employee behavior to maintain high-quality security compliance. The key challenges include:

  • Manual compliance reporting induces more effort and cost
  • Manual errors causing insufficient tracking and monitoring
  • Connecting to several data sources like Fire Compass, SCCM, BitLocker, and so on to obtain these details
  • Delay in reporting due to the lengthy time required to prepare these reports, the reports were updated only once a month


We at UBTI have created a fully automated cybersecurity compliance system using our Azure and business intelligence expertise.

  • We have used Power BI for reporting design and Azure components like Azure Data Factory (ADF) and Azure SQL DB for data ingestion, transformation, and storage, respectively
  • Seamless integration is done for all data sources by directly connecting to the data sources using Microsoft’s Graph API and other data source APIs
  • All data required for the reports are periodically scheduled to be refreshed
  • With advanced analytics and data visualization, meaningful reports are generated to make informed decisions inside the organization. The flawless reports prepared in the dashboard include the following:
    1) Employee phishing KPI’s analytics
    2) Employee security training tracking
    3) Monitor and identify employee risky users
  • The reports deliver insights on the various trials (stimulations) run periodically to identify the risky users, then information about employee training, and finally another report describes the result of the stimulation to identify and monitor risky users


Solutions Benefits

Effectively track & monitor compliance

High availability

It has high security

No manual efforts

Extremely efficient

High accuracy

About Us

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