Can There Be Effective Project Outcomes With Power BI?

No matter which industry your business is from, reports are essential to understand the performances done. The CEOs and CFOs calling the shots need to make better decisions based on insights and this can only happen through correct and informative reports. If the reporting structure in your organization is not appropriate, it would result in weak communication and further, the decisions might not be made appropriately. Power BI reports, in this context, can help you out. The reports of Power BI offer a multi-perspective viewpoint with regards to a dataset. There will be different visuals represented so that you can view the information in a better way. If you want to know more about the benefits of a Power BI report, then without any further ado, let’s begin.

Will There Be An Improvement In Project Outcomes With Power BI?

Power BI can seamlessly enhance the project reporting for senior executives, managers or teams. Everyone can view a real-time visibility of the performance of the employees. This particular real-time benefit will eliminate the drawback of having to change for updates all the time. Power BI has interactive reports so that detailed insights can be gained about the current projects where information can be gained about the resources, schedule, risks and more. All it takes is a few clicks so that any issue can be solved effectively.

Key Features Of Power BI Reporting

  1. Data transformations and the cleansing can be done appropriately.
  2. Informative reports can be generated with structured display of data.
  3. Data visualizations can be delivered either in a simple way or a complex way with the extensive library .
  4. With point representation of Power BI reports, the senior executives can make the right decisions in no time.

How To Collaborate Efficiently With Power BI?

There is no better use of reports if you cannot share them or use them to discuss important issues or decisions. When it comes to Power BI, you can collaborate and share the reports, through:

1. Sharing dashboards and reports

In order to share the report with the team, you can select the ‘share’ option from the top menu. The reports can be shared with internal and external users. Although you will need a Pro license of Power BI to share the content and the receiver will need a license so that they can view the reports.

2. Including comments in the reports

There might be times when you have to mention something important in a report. Hence, you can add comments in the report with @mention so that you can tag the team members. The comments can be included in report pages, dashboards, or also on any specific visuals. Power BI also bookmarks the report when you comment so that the viewers can see it with slicers, filters and also other views.

3. Collaborations

The meetings and conversations about the reports can be done at one place with the help of Microsoft Teams. The users can either collaborate with the ‘Share in Teams’ options or the application of Power BI can also be used.
Streamline your work process and make better decisions with the help of Power BI reports.