The Client

A Healthcare company based out of Atlanta, Georgia, addresses the leading drivers of healthcare costs such as re-admissions, emergency department visits, complex care management, and advanced disease management. Our customer has an in-built application that integrates the latest remote health monitoring with Telehealth, Bluetooth medical devices for data collection, real-time data alerts, patient engagement, and care coordination technologies with 24/7 care manager access.

Challenges Faced by the Client

Our customer had been facing the following pain points on the claims utilization of patients:

  1. Handling multiple clients’ ROIs in multiple datasets was more time consuming.
  2. Analysis with dates, calculating PY claims, data comparison was not feasible between clients.
  3. Claims based on ICD codes and categories with definitive trend axis along highlightable insights were not applicable with a scattered dataset from different clients.
  4. Automating clients’ data into a reporting format.
  5. Deciding the top claims exponentially with the cause and reason amongst all others based on ICD filters.


Process Flow

  1. Provided file path system for automating the clients’ dataset with necessary data transformations and validation.
  2. Included filtering scheme to slice between different clients along with top claims occurred in each node with visualizations.
  3. Provide better visualization in the form of bar-charts, table forms, and active slicers were equipped to have in-depth analysis over the data.
  4. The clients’ claim on a particular ICD basis was detailed with proper description, which would capture the reasoning for claim occurrence with timeline trend.
  5. Captured historical claims amount with detailed description on profit/loss data over the selected client by claim events occurred periodically.


Main Features:

  1. To drop the file in a specified folder and access reports in NO time
  2. Standardized the claim data input format for the data flow
  3. Insightful data visualizations that any perspective can filter
  4. Shareable within the organization for cooperative viewability
  5. Summarization for each client provided with top and low claims by person/ICD
  6. Reports viewability by the desired timeline along the trend axis

About Us

Headquartered in Anaheim, CA, UB Technology Innovations Inc. (UBTI) is a Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner in Data Analytics & Application Development. We are an Intelligent solutions company supporting our global customers for over two decades to improve their business efficiencies and streamlining their processes while deriving in-depth & actionable insights. Our Power BI expertise includes Consultation, Development, Database Solutions, Licensing, Corporate Training, Proof of Concepts, and Managed Services.