Health Insurance Brochure

Community Based Electronic Health Record

Unlimited Innovations India Pvt. Ltd (a subsidiary of UBTI Inc.) is an end-to-end technology solutions provider for health insurance firms, enabling you to seamlessly integrate core business operations from enrollment to card dispatching, claim processing, adjudication till payment, generating IRDA regulatory reports and building insight-friendly executive dashboards for faster decision-making.

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One-Touch Health Insurance Solutions

Our Specialties

  • Claim Processing
  • Adjudication
  • Legacy Migration/Modernization
  • Fraud Detection
  • Intelligence Rule Engines
  • Automated Regulatory & Claim Reports
  • Enrollment Processing
  • Data Integration with Legacy Systems

UBTI’s insight-friendly dashboards & reports are a game-changer for health insurance companies facing challenges in decision making through predicting future outcomes and trends. With expertise in Modern BI tools, we provide real-time interactive reports on claim fraud detection, FAMS triggers, identication of key drivers behind changes in claim loss ratios and more, we help insurers cut costs, boost margins, increase customer satisfaction and lower litigation costs by analysing both structured and unstructured data with our built-in Claim Analytics BI Reporting Framework.

What We Do?

Faster Development – Quickly develop solutions on the solid foundation of UBTI’s Trinity framework – a solution accelerator with built-in reusable and customizable components that can be commonly used across all applications.

Transforming Data into Meaningful Information – We help health insurance companies unify operations by migrating/integrating their data from disparate sources and equipping them to operate on a single version of truth.With our BI expertise, we equip decision-makers with powerful, in-depth insights for effective decision-making.

Modernizing Legacy System – UBTI helps with faster delivery of legacy modernization that is compatible across different computing platforms.

Regulatory Reports & Compliance – Vast experience in regulatory compliances & IRDA reports. Expertise in tracking the dynamics in regulatory landscape and developing regulatory reports for leading health insurance companies.

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