Healthcare Service Capabilities

Community Based Electronic Health Record

UB Technology Innovations, Inc. (UBTI) is a leading software solutions provider in the Healthcare Industry, since 1996. We develop End-to-End solutions & services to meet the needs of several verticals including Care Providers, MSOs,Health Plans, Medical Groups, Hospitals, Physicians & Patients.

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  • Interface Engines
  • HIE Functions
  • Legacy Migration/Modernization
  • Roster Management
  • Dispute Management
  • Intelligence Rule Engines
  • Clinical Analytics
  • CEHR
  • Referral & Claim Processing

How Can We Help?

Software Development – Developing applications (Windows, Web, Mobile & Cloud) using UBTI’s Trinity framework – a solution accelerator with built-in reusable and customizable components that can be commonly used across all applications.

Data Integration & Migration – In-depth experience in getting data from different sources (files of any format, Legacy systems, third party systems and any application) and integrating these data into a standardized, single version of reliable data and transforming the data into meaningful information.

Reporting & Analytics – Developing Executive Dashboards & Reporting Portals, with intriguing Decision-Making Analytics and Business Intelligence.

Regulatory Reports & Compliance – Developing Regulatory Reports and Compliance solutions to enable Healthcare firms achieve compliance on time

Interface Engines – Developing interface engines to process the standard data formats like HL7, EDI, CCD etc.

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