Want to build your very own app without writing code? In the digital age, having on-demand applications at your fingertips is a key driver towards more integrated and streamlined business workflows.

UB Technology Innovations, in association with Microsoft invites you to join the App in a Day (AIAD) workshop where you will build applications in just one day.

The one-day workshop is to enable you to gain expertise in PowerApps, the Microsoft Business Application Platform, and Flow,  the Microsoft tool to automate repetitive tasks, to boost personal and business productivity and efficiency.

Why Does Your Company Need To Learn About PowerApps?

The answer is simple and straight-forward. PowerApps enables your company to integrate innovative technologies into your regular manual work processes. The applications and workflows that are created using PowerApps enables your company to digitize manual, and paper-based processes. Leverage sophisticated forms, page navigation, and single-page apps to implement basic data management and reporting, workflow automation, and collaboration tools to streamline your internal processes and overall customer experience.


Power Comes With Integral Low-Code To Boost Business Productivity

Microsoft PowerApps offers powerful options for developing applications without writing code. The business users can build apps themselves without relying on technical assistance.


Drive Your Business ROI

PowerApp lowers the barrier to entry with innovative tools and platform connectors. The pro-developer extensibility is natively built into the platform. Additionally, the effort to manage code is less with the combination of Microsoft Flow and Power BI.

In this  AIAD workshop, participants will learn how to –

  • Build an application using PowerApps’ simple point and click user interface
  • Use the Common information Service for Apps (CDS for Apps) to store App information within the cloud
  • Build a PowerApps Model-driven App
  • Use Microsoft Flow to create associate approval progress for the apps


Sound interesting?

Register for the free AIAD event with UB Technology Innovations in Microsoft’s office in Bangalore, India on  November 13, 2019 here.