Do you think your firm is too late to kick-start its analytics journey?


Your firm is already using BI and analytics to a limited extent, but facing delay in achieving the desired outcome due to inconsistencies in data structure and format across disparate systems?


Are you envisioning a number of charts and visuals that could potentially uncover valuable business insights, but lacking technical assistance to bring those visuals to life?

If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, you’re in the right place!!


Dashboard In A Day (DIAD)

Dashboard in a Day (DIAD) is a free event conducted by Microsoft to help firms like yours jump-start their analytics journey. This one-day event is a perfect launchpad for the attendees to get trained in building dashboard/reports on their own, in the Power BI platform with minimal technical assistance.

In Power BI, collaborative usage, interactive reports, custom visuals and drill-down features are all possible in few clicks. The nature of your data – whether structured or unstructured, or in multiple formats doesn’t matter. Power BI has a built-in ETL tool to help you overcome these obstacles!

The DIAD event will provide the attendees hands-on training in Power BI, covering a business use case in the big picture. The attendees are also invited to bring their data to build a dashboard on their own by the end of the event.

Sound interesting?

We at UB Technology Innovations have partnered with Microsoft to conduct the DIAD events in the following cities. Please click the city of your preference and register your interest in attending the event.

We’d be happy to accommodate everyone, but these events have limited seats. So, we encourage you to register soon!

Our instructors are excited and looking forward to meeting you in the event!!