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How many systems do you log into each day to see the information you need? Whether you’re the portfolio manager or on the IT side, most people say, “too many.”

We integrate systems and automate recurring processes for firms with $5-60B AUM. This may include setting up a central dashboard so key information from multiple sources can be viewed in a single place. Or perhaps we automate your recurring processes for Form 13F, Form PF, or for FATCA streamlined reporting, regardless of asset type or if you currently use SQL, Excel, or something else.

Our technology consultants have significant industry expertise and can identify where modern technology can save you time or improve data quality. We can integrate most tools used by portfolio managers, including:

  • Capital Markets Software SolutionsOrder Management Systems – Charles River Development / Linedata Longview
  • Capital Markets Software SolutionsData Providers – Bloomberg / Markit / TREPP / INTEX / FACTSET / RIMES / Freddie Mac / Fannie Mae / Ginnie Mae
  • Capital Markets Software SolutionsPricing – Bloomberg / Markit / IDC
  • Capital Markets Software SolutionsPortfolio / Fund Accounting Systems – Mellon / Advent
  • Capital Markets Software SolutionsRating – S&P / Moody / Fitch
  • Capital Markets Software SolutionsCustomer Relation Management – Microsoft / Salesforce / Aptean / Saratoga
  • Capital Markets Software SolutionsAnalytic Services – 1010data

We serve asset managers with anywhere from 5-100 billion AUM. Whether a one-off project to modernize your legacy systems, or serving as an extended arm for your IT team, we can improve your data quality and efficiency.

Have your data funneled from numerous sources into a central repository with our Enterprise Data Management solution (see infographic). Enjoy optimized data management, capital markets analytics, and portfolio data, all backed by round-the-clock production and support.

Efficiently analyze complex information with our Financial Reporting & Analytics System, which provides role-based visibility of valuation reports, performance, and risk management data. This streamlined data empowers your firm to spend more time on what matters most: managing assets, maintaining compliance, reducing expenses, and focusing on customers.


It can be challenging to keep up with reporting requirements due to increasing demand, resulting in a growing backlog and longer turnaround time. Once your systems are integrated you can swiftly generate compliance reports for FATCA, SEC Form 13F, Form PF, and more.

reporting services for FATCA streamline

UBTI syncs multiple data sources to deliver seamless reporting to end users.

We’ve worked hard for our reputation as a trusted capital markets IT service provider. Through a combination of experience, client focus, and modern technology, UBTI can become your trusted partner in delivering end-to-end solutions or serving as your IT team’s extended arm on a project basis.

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