The Client

Our client is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. They are producing nearly 10 million premium quality vehicles per year and providing reliable services to their customers. 

Challenges Faced by the Client

 Our client aimed to improve customer experiences, and thereby gain a competitive edge. Due to their wide-geographical presence, they were facing latency and performance issues. Notching up their vehicle services warranted getting accurate health reports on millions of cars operating worldwide, which was a challenge. Receiving and managing service requests and customer queries needed to be handled swiftly and effectively. The client requested our assistance in resolving the challenges, and we participated and supported them with our solutions.


We participated in and supported the modernization of their mobile app and accordingly re-engineered the architecture for better and more efficient management of automotive health and service requests. The app allows for two-way communication. The user can ask a query and receive a response, or the app can send the user useful and relevant information. From the app, the customer can get information on their driving efficiency, driving details (such as miles and speed), vehicle health reports, and other significant data.
We used Azure cloud services to resolve the issue related to their wide-geographical presence. With Azure Cosmos DB, the data can be retrieved quickly, with low latency, and cost-effectively due to data center availability across the world. We strengthened the app more with other Azure services to access data in real-time, swift management of customer service requests, and faster query ow, the client has achieved improved results, better performance, and technologies for their complicated maintenance
and repair services.
By reading this case study you will get an overview of our approach to the client challenges, the architecture of our solutions, and the resultant enhancement in business capabilities.


Solutions Benefits

  • Our experts re-engineered the application and enabled our client to achieve global availability, speed, and enhanced data flexibility.
  • With azure cosmos DB, we ensured consistent data quality and enriched personalized customer experience owing to its multiregional read and write feature.
  • Using services like Azure API management, we improved API administration and query handling.
  • The data security got hyped with services like a Key Vault and Network Security Group that stores the secret keys and
    filters the network respectively. Now, the application is more secure and reliable.
  • We introduced more Azure services like Logic Apps, Service Fabric, Functions, Blob Storage, and Load balancer for better and smoother functioning.
  • We felt delighted to see the vehicle owners happy as now they can get valuable information regarding their vehicles. One can be sure that the car is operating optimally, all thanks to the vehicle health report. Whenever an issue emerges, users will receive a notification and can respond by raising a service request using the app for necessary actions.

About Us

We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Multiplatform partner backed by a world-class team of Microsoft Certified experts with rich experience in cloud and traditional technology development. Our data solutions help businesses achieve efficiency and optimize growth. UBTI is the winner of the prestigious Azure Synapse Hackathon 2021 award.

Winner of the prestigious Azure
Synapse Hackathon 2021 award

One of the Top 10 winners of the
Microsoft’s Azure AI & ML Workathon