The Client

A Korean manufacturing firm producing Sealing systems, hoses, and specialized rubber products for the automotive industry. The firm is a supplier to leading car manufacturers.

Challenges Faced by the Client

Lack of efficiency in manpower allocation –The firm operated round the clock, and manpower was utilized on shift basis. The firm faced challenges in reducing overtime work and absenteeism, which lead to inefficient manpower allocation.

Spreadsheet-based reports lacked insights–The firm used spreadsheet-based reports that were manually updated to monitor resource utilization, manpower allocation and productivity. However, the solution couldn’t quench their thirst for in-depth insights to solve complex problems.


UB Technology Innovations, Inc (UBTI) was selected to develop reports that would uncover deep insights, and throw light on the real problems causing inefficiency in resource utilization, manpower allocation and productivity.

Interactive solutions –With certified professionals in Power BI, UBTI developed interactive dashboards and reports and provided insights with automated updates, on many KPIs including manpower count, overtime, productivity, comparisons of each shift etc. The solution replaced the spreadsheet-based reports that were already in place.

The results achieved –Effective and efficient optimization of manpower allocated in each shift and reduction of overtime are key results achieved with UBTI’s solution. The solution also enabled the company to easily eliminate the allocation of consecutive shifts for the same resource. In summary, UBTI’s dashboard and report enabled the firm achieve better employee satisfaction and contribute to reduction in attrition rate.