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Few of Our Solutions

UBTI-Invoice Automation

Invoice Automation

To automate your invoice processing can help you reduce manual effort, increase accuracy, and improve efficiency by identifying any bottlenecks.
UBTI-HR Recruitment Process Automation

HR Recruitment Process Automation

Automation can save recruiters a significant amount of time and effort, while also improving the quality of the recruitment process.
UBTI-Reports Data Daily Dump Automation

Reports Data Daily Dump Automation

To automate many of the manual tasks involved in data processing, reporting and make better-informed decisions.
UBTI-Duty Approval Automation

Duty Approval Automation

Organizations can streamline the process and ensure that duties or work requests are approved in a timely and efficient manner.
UBTI-Weather Reports Automation

Weather Reports Automation

To automate the process of collecting and processing data, organizations can save time and resources while providing information to user.
UBTI-PowerBI Reports Backup & Publish

Power BI Reports Backup & Publish

To automate the process of creating backups and publishing reports, it ensures that valuable business data is protected.


Services We Offer

UBTI Icons_v1_Solve-Data Integration

Custom Dev

For any Development & Report Requirements.


Customize and deploy ready-made solutions.

Consulting Services

Any type of consulting, resourcing and troubleshooting.
UBTI Icons_v1_Solve-App Dev

Managed Services

Environment, Development to deployment completely managed.


All Levels of enterprise trainings.


Authorised Microsoft Office 365 cloud License providers.


Few of Our Recent Case Studies


Global Leaders in Training Workshops



Partnering with Microsoft

UBTI Solutions listed in Microsoft’s PowerApps Gallery

We4Support Support ticketing app

The We4Support application allows diverse experts from various sectors of the company to arrange their assistance requests. The efficient request tracking method provides control and information to managers, allowing requests to be answered swiftly and with timely alerts for every action…

Visitor Registration Management

VRM uses the gate pass system to handle visitors in a regulated and secure manner, allowing the organization to have secure and hassle-free admission and departure. Employees from other departments may also help track vendors, consultants, interns, contract workers, mechanics…

Human Resource Management System

The HRMS application reduces the amount of time and effort required for numerous operations such as employee probation, confirmation, performance assessment, exit clearance, and more.  With established document verification procedures and a checklist with necessary fields…

Smart Survey feedback simplified and organised

Feedback and surveys, which are an important part of continuous improvement, play a significant role in each of the process improvements. Smart Survey is a response management application that can be used in any department or sector to analyse client experience quickly and securely…

Training Management Solution

Our programme provides a sophisticated solution to the issues of managing the training process, such as creating session topics, selecting trainers with specified qualifications, scheduling sessions, and tracking session participants. To assure distinctiveness, attendance is controlled…

Health Insurance Claim Analytics

It’s a numbers game when it comes to health insurance. Payers/plans that can see trends quickly in a never-ending stream of data are better equipped to manage risk, handle claims, and detect fraud. Failure to do so may result in inefficient claim processing and higher operating costs…


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