The Client

Our client mainly focus on trading and planning as their top priorities and aim to maximize the investment portfolio’s value through stocks, bonds, real estate, master limited portfolios, and more.

Challenges Faced by the Client

Our client initially used the application on-premises. They maintained this application in Dev. & QA for continuous enhancements and performance improvements. The applications unexpectedly became inaccessible to all the users, i.e., the portfolio managers and even the in-house technical experts like the software developers and quality analysts were idle. No one could access the network for more than a week. When we assessed the issue, we discovered that setting the same environment on-premise would take more than a month.


Following an infrastructure review of the client’s on-premise application, UB Technology Innovations, Inc. (UBTI)’s technical experts proposed publishing the development and QA environments in the Azure cloud, providing the client with a secure, scalable, and future-ready solution to modernize the entire system to Microsoft Azure Cloud.

With UBTI’s Azure cloud knowledge, the affected environment was migrated within a week. In turn, affected applications were subsequently up and running and readily available to the stakeholders for time-critical investments, with improved performance and quality. The migration to Azure cloud also increased the uptime of their mission-critical applications.

The modernization/migration of the system was implemented using the following Microsoft Azure services:

  • We used Azure AD in the newer version of the client’s application to authenticate and authorize users on the website
  • New Azure Web APIs were developed for the present-day application while maintaining the existing functionalities and workflows
  • The business and mission-critical workloads were migrated to Azure infrastructure for improved operational efficiency. The SQL workloads were migrated with SQL Server onto Azure virtual machines
  • All necessary set-up instances of VMs and cloud services (services mentioned above) are deployed within a VNet
  • With valid credentials, these Azure services will be accessed and maintained by the client’s in-house team on the Microsoft Azure portal


Solutions Benefits

  • Optimized Costs: There was a potential to optimize workloads that were less expensive to run, as well as considerable savings on resource, maintenance, and portfolio management costs
  • Time: There was the potential to speed up the process without delay. Most cloud service providers offer built-in, one-click backup and recovery options, which enhance business continuity
  • Enhanced security: This ensured our clients’ data was safeguarded, many times, Azure cloud even automatically provides security patches

About Us

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