The Client

The organization was started with the mission to provide education in the disadvantaged communities of Kenya, enabling the children to transform their lives and avail the opportunities to grow. Today, the client is a Christ-centred, non-governmental organization that works with children and families in the slums of Nairobi and has expanded into remote villages in rural Kenya. The client has a dedicated staff of more than 850 Kenyans and an international team of partners and leaders, plus missionaries from a global mission team.

Challenges Faced by the Client

1. Sustainability: Implementing technology solutions requires ongoing maintenance, updates, and sometimes subscription fees. Ensuring long-term sustainability can be a challenge for nonprofits with fluctuating funding.

2. User Adoption: Getting beneficiaries to use and engage with new technology tools can be a challenge, particularly if they are not familiar with digital platforms.

3. Cybersecurity: Nonprofits, like any other organization, are susceptible to cybersecurity threats. Ensuring robust cybersecurity measures can be a challenge, especially with limited resources.

4. Remote Operations: If it operates in remote areas, connectivity issues can pose challenges for real-time data collection, communication, and access to online resources.

5. Scalability: Scaling up technology solutions to accommodate increased demand and complexity can be challenging if it expands its operations.


The mobile application was developed to provide sponsors with an easy-to-use platform for engaging with their sponsored children and contributing to community development projects.


1. Sponsor a Child: The app enabled users to sponsor a child by their schools and location.

2. Sponsor-Child Communication: The app enabled sponsors to exchange messages and photos with their sponsored children, fostering a personal connection beyond traditional correspondence.

3. Child Profiles: Each sponsored child had a dedicated profile within the app, showcasing their background, interests, and progress in education and health.

4. Donation Tracking: Sponsors could view how their donations were utilized for community projects, education, healthcare, and other initiatives.

5. Project Updates: The app provided updates on the progress of community development projects, allowing sponsors to see the impact of their contributions.

6. Notifications: Sponsors received notifications about their sponsored children’s special events, birthdays, and milestones.

7. Secure Donations: The app offered a secure donation platform, enabling sponsors to make one-time or recurring contributions to support various programs.

8. Local Community Engagement: The app included features to connect sponsors with local events, stories, and initiatives related to the communities they were supporting.

Solutions Benefits

  • Expanded User Reach: By employing cross-platform frameworks such as React Native, the app ensured widespread accessibility, catering to iOS and Android users and maximizing potential engagement.
  • Streamlined Information Flow: Seamless API integration with backend systems empowered the app to efficiently retrieve child profiles, project updates, and facilitate secure donations. This enhanced data flow contributes to improved decision-making and donor interactions.
  • Enhanced Sponsor Engagement: Leveraging push notifications, the app effectively notified sponsors about new messages, updates, and events. This real-time communication fosters stronger relationships, boosts donor involvement, and reinforces brand loyalty.

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