The Client

Our client is one of the biggest municipal corporations in India, who is in charge of some of the city’s infrastructural assets as well as the public facilities. Their primary objective being COVID Crisis Management, they have set up a planned control centre to combat the pandemic.

Challenges Faced by the Client

The foremost priority of our client was to prevent and control the spread of the virus. Pandemics could only be fought and won if patients are timely tracked, monitored, hospitalized, or quarantined at home, as well as treated in a systematic and rigorous manner. The existing manual system could not produce the required data to perform timely detection, organize patients’ data and allocate emergency care. The need of the hour was to have an accurate realtime data to assist in pandemic reporting, provide appropriate public safety, and more.

Data played a crucial role in creating actionable plans. During the COVID waves peak times, they had trouble in monitoring and managing the data effectively. Our client was also committing too much to manual data input, slowing its operations. The COVID positive patient data needed to be meticulously injected into the computer, tracked, monitored, and analyzed. Recognizing the need for a new solution, the organization collaborated closely with UBTI to implement a bespoke app.


UBTI had foundational expertise in Microsoft technologies and developed a low-code no code application, in a short time span using Microsoft Power Apps. This app helps our client monitor and manage crucial patient data related to the COVID-19 crisis.

Our team migrated the existing COVID-19 victim’s datasets (stored in different databases) to Power Apps data verse. We also customized different FORMs for different categories of patients into an accessible digital format app. It helps the healthcare workers, and the volunteers to edit the patient’s details and status. To automatically update patient status, the scheduled flows with the conditions requested by the client are implemented (for example, switching a home quarantine patient to normal after x days).

The dataverse uses a role-based security architecture in accordance with user management roles to safeguard data and prevent illegal access to it.

Solutions Benefits

    UBTI created a user-friendly app that lessens the burden on the healthcare system as per our client demand. It runs faster, more reliable, and gets actionable data through Power BI visualization reports. This boosted patient safety, saved time, and increased the efficiency of the healthcare system.

    • Fast and easy-to-access data for any covid victim is managed. Patient data like patient details, home quarantine, hospitalization, and vaccination status are accessible by region, zones and districts.
    • The decision-making process is simplified and streamlined with the help of easier data maintenance, different levels of authority set up, along with secure identity & user access management
    • Using the application, we could identify the infection rate, track, and predict the spread, and helps to envisage the plan for staffing and supplies
    • Resulting in controlling the COVID growth and death rate

    About Us

    UB Technology Innovations (UBTI) is well experienced in delivering business applications for various domains including Shipping, Financial Services, Healthcare, Health Insurance & Education. With our expertise in Power Platform, we build apps, reports and flows enabling our customers to simplify and streamline processes. Enabling them to conduct their business with minimal effort.

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