The Client

Our client is a prominent financial solution provider, offering a wide range of services to individuals and businesses. With a large customer base and a focus on delivering personalized experiences, the client heavily relies on their CRM system for managing customer data and running targeted email campaigns

Challenges Faced by the Client

Despite the client’s robust CRM system, they faced a significant challenge in ensuring seamless synchronization between their CRM and the email campaign tool. Whenever updates were made in the CRM, such as changes in customer details or segmentation criteria, these modifications were not automatically reflected in the email campaign tool. This disconnect resulted in several obstacles:

  • Manual Workload: The lack of synchronization forced the client’s marketing team to perform time-consuming and repetitive manual tasks. They had to export data from the CRM, manually update contact information, and then import the modified data into the email campaign tool. This increased their workload and left room for errors and inconsistencies.
  • Inaccurate Targeting: Due to the absence of real-time updates, the email campaign tool often targeted outdated or incorrect customer information. This led to ineffective campaigns and hindering the client’s ability to engage their target audience effectively.


Implementing Power Automate for Seamless Integration:

To overcome the integration gap between the CRM and the email campaign tool, UBTI suggested the implementation of Microsoft Power Automate, which is a robust workflow automation tool. Power Automate facilitates smooth integration among various applications, ensuring real-time data synchronization. Whenever there are updates in the CRM System, automatically synchronize in the email campaign. Utilizing API connectivity, we retrieve the latest data from CRM, store it in SharePoint, and synchronize the updated information in the email campaign tool via API integration.

Solutions Benefits

By leveraging the power of Microsoft Power Automate, our client successfully bridged the integration gap between their CRM and email campaign tool, leading to several notable benefits:

  • Real-Time Data Sync: Using Power Automate, changes made within the CRM system are instantly synchronized with the email campaign tool. This real-time integration guarantees that customer information, segmentation criteria, and other pertinent data remain current and harmonized between both platforms.
  • Elimination of Manual Tasks: Power Automate has significantly reduced the manual workload for the client’s marketing team. The need for manual data exports, modifications, and imports has been eliminated, saving valuable time and effort. This has allowed the team to focus on more strategic marketing initiatives.
  • Enhanced Targeting and Personalization: The client can now execute highly targeted and personalized email campaigns with real-time data synchronization. The accuracy of customer information in the email campaign tool ensures that campaigns reach the right audience, leading to improved engagement, conversions, and overall marketing effectiveness.
  • Increased Efficiency and Productivity: Power Automate has streamlined the integration process, improving efficiency and productivity for the client’s marketing team. They no longer need to perform repetitive tasks or worry about data inconsistencies, enabling them to allocate more time and resources to other critical marketing activities.

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