The Client

Our esteemed client is a globally renowned marine terminal services provider serving customers worldwide. They have established themselves as an industry leader with expertise in marine cargo transportation, warehousing, and harboring services. However, they faced critical operational challenges that hindered their growth potential.

Challenges Faced by the Client

The client faced significant challenges in their yard operations due to the absence of a comprehensive real-time reporting mechanism integrated with their Terminal Operating Systems (TOS). This lack of quantitative reporting for container logistics resulted in increased container dwell time, making it difficult for the client to accept new yard requirements. The inefficiencies and suboptimal space utilization caused by these challenges prompted the client to seek a solution that would accurately track yard operational metrics and enable efficient space optimization.

Hence the client expects to have a yard operations reporting dashboard (integrated with TOS), which will help the stakeholders monitor the yard operations and forecast yard management.

  • Inadequate transparency reporting for container logistics, resulting in longer dwell times.
  • Limited transparency regarding dwell time metrics, impeding effective decision-making.
  • Absence of a standardized yard monitoring system, hindering operational efficiency.
  • Lack of periodic inventory tracking, preventing accurate inventory management.


UBTI, with certified and experienced professionals in Power BI, implemented yard operations reporting dashboard while considering all the client’s pain points.

Our solution seamlessly merged data from various systems, providing stakeholders with immediate access to real-time information on yard activities, container movements, and inventory levels. This empowered them to make proactive decisions and have better control over operations. By effectively capturing and analyzing yard capacity and utilization data, our solution empowered the client to make well-informed choices regarding resource allocation, reducing congestion, and optimizing efficiency. Additionally, we tailored reports and dashboards to track essential performance metrics like container dwell time, container status and yard productivity. These valuable insights facilitated data-driven decision-making and supported a culture of continuous improvement.

Reports of Yard operation:

  • Terminal status report
  • Yard capacity v/s utilization
  • Inventory management (teus and counts)

Solutions Benefits

Through our yard operations reporting dashboard powered by Power BI, the client achieved remarkable benefits:

Real-time Insights: Stakeholders were able to quickly make informed decisions because of the dashboard’s real-time view of yard activities. As a result, proactive planning was made easier, response times were shortened, and operational effectiveness increased.

Optimized Resource Allocation: The customer was able to allocate resources more effectively by using accurate information on yard capacity and utilization. Cost reductions and increased production were the outcomes.

Enhanced Performance Tracking: The customer was given the ability to monitor important performance indicators and KPIs as a result of the solution. This allowed them to spot bottlenecks, implement new procedures, and continuously improve performance.

Data-Driven Decision Making: The customer was able to make decisions based on current data, minimizing risks and maximizing operational efficiency.

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