The Client

Healthcare firm that acquires and operates hospitals. They currently have seven hospitals spread throughout the USA with a total of 900+ beds. 

Challenges Faced by the Client

It was a laborious task for them to generate reports because each hospital had its own systems and data sources. Adding to the complexity, the hospitals also used different analytics platforms to generate reports. 


The healthcare firm contacted us for our Power BI and healthcare expertise. We reviewed their business needs and existing reports, which covered the following aspects:

• Operations

• Financial

• Quality

• Pay-for-Performance


• Service Excellence

• Materials and Facility Management

• Legal

We identified the client’s challenges as

1. each hospital used a different reporting platform;

2. multiple data sources;

3. inconsistent data formats;

4. the inability to consolidate and automate their reports resulted in excessive hours spent manually addressing inconsistencies.

The solution is to replicate, consolidate, and automate the existing reports in a single platform – Power BI. The firm engaged UBTI for a proof of concept and assigned us to develop only the operations reports for one of their hospitals. As a Microsoft Power BI partner with extensive knowledge of healthcare key performance indicators (KPIs), we developed the report much faster than expected. The operations reports included essential metrics such as patient days, LOS, Case Mix Index (CMI), LWOBS, admissions, paramedic runs, diversion hours, and more. After the successful proof of concept, the client hired us to develop reports for all business aspects for each of their seven hospitals. Some of the critical KPIs handled in this engagement include payor mix, DNFB, patient revenue, CAUTI, grants and government subsidies, operating income, capitation revenue and expense, satisfaction score and many more. The completed dashboard displays the forecasted and actual figures for each KPI. The data can be displayed by month or year-to-date, allowing administrators to see the big picture and determine if objectives are being met. They can also generate reports with just a few clicks.