The Client

The client is a leading US-based firm that operates Marine Terminals which serves customers globally. They handle all types of terminal services including marine cargo transportation, warehousing and harbouring services.

Challenges Faced by the Client

Due to the high delay in truck operations at the terminal, the client wanted to monitor real-time gate operations to analyse potential causes that hinder to process. The key factors like Increased dwell time, Truck Turn Time (TTT) are one of the significant reasons that cause delays and affects other truck movements. No centralized reporting system is available to show detailed aspects, that contribute/affect to the operational efficiency. The challenges include

  • No real-time truck monitoring solution to detect delays or issues
  • Disruption of Truck appointments due to the increased dwell time
  • Delayed Truck Movements
  • Difficulty in handling truck traffic or congestion


UBTI with certified and experienced professionals in Power BI gave a new vision to the terminal reporting system by developing and integrating the real-time dashboard with their Terminal Operating System (TOS). Real-time Power BI reports are developed to track the truck’s dwell time against the target dwell time and identify causes of delays. Gate volume analysis and tracking of the truck’s appointment status are also part of the solution that provides transparency on what leads to truck congestion that affects subsequent actions. This fully automated dashboard helped the client to manage appointments with much ease and undoubtedly increased the capability to handle more new appointments

The Solutions include the following analytical Dashboards for Terminal Gate Operations

  • Average Dwell time Reports
  • Gate Volume Dashboards
  • Truck Turn Around Time (TTT) trend analytics
  • Truck movement analytics
  • Track the Appointment status of trucks

Solutions Benefits

The following are the prominent benefits that foster the overall terminal operations

  • Fully Automated real-time reporting solution
  • User-friendly dashboards
  • Easy tracking of truck movements
  • Cost-effective Operational Management
  • Lean Management
  • Increased Efficiency

The Centralized reporting dashboard is the all-in-one solution to analyse every factor that contributes to terminal operations so as to make informed decisions

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