It was a truly joyous occasion as our team UBTI was announced as the winner of the Azure Synapse Hackathon 2021, organized by Microsoft’s One Commercial Partner (OCP). We were filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment as we received this recognition for our hard work.

UB Technology Innovations (UBTI), a leading Microsoft Gold Certified partner with a global footprint, was one of the participants in the 50 partner organizations represented by 66 teams. UBTI has been serving clients for almost three decades, with deep expertise in Azure and Power Platform solutions and services. Our main objective is to become the global leader in technology who supports and grows their clients’ businesses along with them.

The Hackathon was an incredible opportunity for us to unleash our creativity and tackle critical problems with cutting-edge technology. The Hackathon aimed to develop a solution idea based on Azure Synapse Analytics that can meet the needs of different industries and offer effective solutions. The event was held for two weeks in April and May 2021, and Participants were admitted to the program through a nomination process.

Participating in the Azure Synapse Hackathon was an amazing journey for UBTI. We attended workshops and technical sessions, learning more about Azure Synapse Analytics and its capabilities. Using this knowledge, firstly our team came up with a solution idea and design with a business use case based on fraudulent insurance claims. Our team achieved its first significant milestone by impressing the judges with the idea proposal by earning a spot 20 among the teams.

Secondly, despite facing numerous obstacles, our team persevered and put in a great deal of effort to create a proof of concept that would leave a lasting impression on the judges. We collaborated after-hours, and divided our tasks into different categories, Use case, DM, KPIs, ML model design, solution development, Power BI report, final delivery presentation, and environment preparation. The backbone of this Hackathon was a geek of professionals in the Data Analytics and Healthcare domain.

Finally, when we demonstrated our presentation to the panel. The panel were impressed with our niche solution for the specific industry and judges were impressed with our solution. The panel announced that UBTI had won the Hackathon! The feeling of joy and accomplishment that we felt was indescribable. Our solution was recognized for efficiently detecting fraud claims in the rule engine, saving both time and money. Microsoft appreciated the uniqueness of our solution and its potential for future technology advancements. They also acknowledged that our solution was a high-demand niche solution in the health insurance industry.



We were grateful for the opportunity that Microsoft had given us, and we looking forward to continuing to work with them to bring our solution idea to life. Overall, the Azure Synapse Hackathon 2021 was a truly great moment for our team at UBTI. It was a moment that we will never forget and one that will continue to inspire us to push the boundaries of innovation and creativity. 

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