The Client

The client is a prominent employee-owned company that delivers public and business-related services. They excel in providing various services and well-regarded for their commitment to employee ownership.

Challenges Faced by the Client

Our client faced several challenges due to their reliance on SAP systems. These challenges included substantial licensing costs and additional administrative work required to manage these systems. These factors were negatively impacting their efficiency and profitability. The use of SAP user licenses and the need for additional management work made their processes more difficult and slower.

As a result, they made the decision to transition from the SAP HANA system to Azure Synapse Data Migration. One significant risk in resolving these challenges was ensuring data integrity throughout the migration process.


UBTI, with certified and experienced professionals in Azure service, streamlined the firm’s processes. Our company proposed a comprehensive SAP to Azure Synapse Data Migration project, meticulously transferring critical business data while preserving data integrity and minimizing disruptions.

This solution aimed to eliminate SAP user license costs, reduce operational complexity, and provide expertise in modern data platforms, thus ensuring cost-effectiveness and scalability for the organization’s future needs.

We customized our approach to align with the client’s existing Azure Synapse Subscription, optimizing resources efficiently, addressing their data migration requirements, and gaining insights through Power BI reports.

The client has requested to migrate the data, which is integrated with Power BI, so it is easy to manage and provide the reports to view the data through Power BI.

  • Finance
  • Supply Chain Management

Project Management

Solutions Benefits

  • Cost Savings – The transition from the SAP system to Azure Synapse resulted in significant cost savings for the organization.
  • Operational Efficiency – The migration of business data to Azure Synapse enhanced operational efficiency by improving data security.
  • Modern Data Platform – The organization now has access to a modern data platform, ensuring they are well-prepared to handle future data requirements.
  • Enhanced Business Intelligence – The integration of Power BI reports boosted their business intelligence capabilities, enabling more informed decision-making.

About Us

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