The Client

The Client is a leading solution provider in Customer Experience Systems Integration Services for business providers using the latest technologies. The client has been serving customers globally for more than 2 decades in this Industry

Challenges Faced by the Client

The Client monitors the compliance status of the endpoint management engines to control various interfaces within the organization’s network and cybersecurity tools to assess the company’s security. The compliance report was prepared in Excel manually, connecting with diverse data sources, which are easily prone to errors and reporting delays.

The client also faced other challenges like

  • Unavailability of centralized data storage
  • Large data volumes
  • No centralized compliance dashboard led to concerns
  • Manual interaction with compliance data
  • No Real-time Analytical solution


UBTI, with certified and experienced professionals in Power BI, chose the Azure platform for automated data transformation

Compliance data is mainly measured through End-point management engines and IT management tools like BigFix, Bit locker encryption, cisco umbrella, and others. By leveraging Azure Data Factory (ADF), the UBTI team achieved seamless compliance data integration and transformation across data sources

Establishment of a Real-time Power BI Compliance dashboard that ensures to reflect the most up-to-date compliance data, allowing stakeholders to monitor compliance activities and interact with data-driven insights

Compliance Dashboard KPI’s:

  • Track Employee wise Assets
  • Identify the Roaming Clients Reported Monitor USB access allocation
  • Find the Encrypted Systems and more

Solutions Benefits

  • Streamlined Data Collection: Get free from manual data collection. Our automated solution significantly reduces errors and reporting delays, ensuring accurate and efficient data collection processes.
  • Centralized Data Storage: Simplify data management with a centralized storage solution. Seamlessly access compliance data, enhancing overall compliance efforts.
  • Real-time Compliance Data Monitoring: Stay one step ahead with real-time insights. Our solution empowers proactive decision-making by providing up-to-the minute compliance data.
  • Actionable Data Visualization: Advanced Power BI visualizations transform complex compliance data into actionable information, enabling confident decision-making.

About Us

UB Technology Innovations, Inc. (UBTI) is a leading global technology solution provider with more than 3 decades of
experience across all industries, specializing in Capital Markets (Asset Management), Logistics and Healthcare. We are the preferred Microsoft Gold Certified partner backed by a world-class team of Microsoft Certified experts with rich experience in Azure Cloud Platform and Data Analytics.

Winner of the prestigious Azure
Synapse Hackathon 2021 award

One of the Top 10 winners of the
Microsoft’s Azure AI & ML Workathon