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Staying ahead of the curve is essential in the fast-paced logistics industry. That’s why we offer the tools and knowledge you need to make informed, strategic decisions that boost efficiency and profitability. Join us on this data-driven journey to transform your logistics operations into a well-oiled, optimized machine. Together, we can unlock the true potential of your logistics endeavors.


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Partnering with Microsoft

UBTI Solutions and offerings listed in Microsoft website in Power BI partner Showcasing

Shipping Terminal Analytics Solution

UB Technology Innovation’s (UBTI’s) Terminal Analytics is a ready-to-use plug & play solution. The solution empowers decision-makers to quickly understand and analyze the time taken and the cost incurred for the different activities of the maintenance & repair in the shipping industry. 

Financial Reporting and Analytics Solution

Financial Reporting and Analytical Solution (FRAS) helps with in-depth portfolio analysis and gains insights on the portfolio’s performance. Fueled by Power BI, this interactive dashboard enables Portfolio Managers to gain insights into new opportunities.

Healthcare Analytics

Healthcare Analytics is a plug and play solution that turns your mountain of data into useful information. Powered by modern business intelligence, you can now instantly check up on the health of your operations with real-time insights on claims, referrals, and patient analytics.

Health Insurance Claim Analytics

Health insurance providers can stay informed with UBTI’s interactive dashboard. Just scan the charts with your pre-selected metrics to identify opportunities and risks. Strategically managing claims, premiums, and fraud has never been easier.

TFS Project Management Analytics

UB Technology Innovation’s (UBTI’s) TFS Analytics Solution is a ready-made plug & play TFS Project Management tool crafted to bring complete 360-degree analysis on all projects managed by the organization.

Healthcare Analytics: 5-Day Proof of Concept

Hospital proof-of-concept in UBTI’s healthcare analytics system, featuring pre-built Microsoft Power BI reports with full information on claims, referrals, and patients. “Control and enforce patient consent throughout the organization.

Power BI and Security Features: 2-Hr Briefing

An introduction to Microsoft Power BI to understand its versatility for deriving in-depth business insights. This 2-hour session will give an overview of the powerful Power BI features including interactive and real-time dashboards and reports.


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