The Client

The Client is a non-denominational, non-profit Christian organization headquartered in Indianapolis. With a global reach, they deploy missionaries and collaborate with Christian ministries in over 25 countries. Their mission encompasses various areas such as church planting, serving the urban poor, international campus ministry, international development, and marketplace ministry. To streamline their operations and support their missionary efforts, they relied on an Intranet portal powered by SharePoint.

Challenges Faced by the Client

The Client encountered several challenges while using SharePoint as their primary Intranet portal and data management platform. One significant obstacle was the limitation imposed by SharePoint’s list view threshold, which restricted the retrieval of only 5,000 records at a time. As a result, financial reports stored in SharePoint lists faced performance issues, and the process of uploading daily data was prone to timeouts and failures. With the existing system struggling to handle 35,000 records, it became evident that a new solution was required.


UBTI, with certified and experienced professionals in Azure service, streamlined the firm’s processes. To address this challenge, our team at UBTI proposed a comprehensive solution to overcome the limitations of SharePoint and optimize its data management capabilities. The key recommendation was to transition from SharePoint lists to Azure SQL as the new data source. This project is used to track and analyze the funds raised and generate contributor reports. Leveraging the power of Azure Data Factory, the daily data load process was seamlessly migrated to Azure SQL. This transition eliminated the need for batch processing and enabled a more efficient data retrieval mechanism.

Solutions Benefits

The adoption of Azure SQL brought about a multitude of benefits for the Client:

  • Enhanced Speed and Minimal Downtime: Azure SQL ensures fast data processing and minimal downtime, enabling quick decision-making and uninterrupted access to information. This benefit can help the organization to improve its efficiency and productivity by reducing the time it takes to process data and make decisions.
  • Cost-Effective Data Migration: Migrating to Azure SQL involves syncing gigabyte-sized tables without incurring excessive migration costs and optimizing resource allocation. This benefit can help the organization to save money on the cost of migrating its data to the cloud.
  • Improved Availability and Scalability: Azure SQL offers high availability features and scalability, ensuring data remains accessible and accommodating future growth effortlessly. It can also help the organization to scale its data infrastructure as needed to accommodate future growth.
  • High-Performance In-Memory Technologies and Intelligent Query Processing: Azure SQL leverages in-memory technologies and intelligent query processing for optimized performance and efficient data retrieval, enabling quick report generation and analysis. It can also help the organization to improve its customer service by providing them with quick and accurate responses to their queries.

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