The Client

The client is a pioneering organization dedicated to providing leaders with the skills and information they need to develop and sustain vibrant churches that actively engage the next generation of believers. Embracing digital change, the client wants to build their church development environment from the ground up within the Azure ecosystem, allowing them to increase their reach and cultivate strong spiritual communities.

Challenges Faced by the Client

The client encountered several challenges that hindered their operational efficiency and limited their ability to reach their target audience effectively. These challenges included:

Cosmos DB Limitations: The client’s Cosmos DB implementation did not support multi-region writes, impacting their ability to efficiently scale and replicate data across multiple locations.

No Location-based Access: Without location-based access controls, the client faced difficulties in ensuring optimal performance and providing geographically targeted services to their users.


UBTI, with certified and experienced professionals in Azure service, streamlined the firm’s processes. To address this challenge, we provided an innovative solution, and the client adopted a comprehensive solution architecture leveraging Azure’s extensive features and capabilities to address these challenges. The implemented solution included the following key elements:

Azure Front Door Integration: By incorporating Azure Front Door into their architecture, the client replaced the Application Gateway for web application development and testing across two regions. This streamlined their processes, allowing for faster iteration and reduced latency.

Creation of QA and Dev Environments: The client established separate QA and Dev environments in different regions, facilitating parallel testing and development activities while ensuring isolation and improved overall quality.

Multi-Region Writes in Cosmos DB: To enhance scalability and data redundancy, the client enabled multi-region writes in their Cosmos DB implementation, enabling them to utilize existing databases from the nearest locations. This not only reduced latency but also improved data resilience and availability.

Private and Service Endpoints: Implementing private and service endpoints within the front-end and back-end subnets ensured Azure resources were shielded from public access. Enabling CDN (Content Delivery Network) for the storage account enabled fast and efficient static web application content caching.

Solutions Benefits

The implementation of the Azure-based solution provided the client with a range of benefits, significantly impacting their operations, security, user experience, and overall success:

Enhanced Application Testing and Development: The separate QA and Dev environments enabled parallel testing and development, reducing time-to-market and allowing faster iteration cycles. This resulted in improved application quality and increased user satisfaction.

Improved Security and Reliability: Leveraging private and service endpoints, the client achieved a highly secure environment, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access and potential data breaches. Azure Front Door further bolstered security measures, protecting their applications from various web-based attacks.

Increased Availability and Performance: The client ensured better data redundancy and availability by enabling multi-region writes in Cosmos DB. This resulted in reduced downtime and improved application performance, even in geographically dispersed locations.

Cost and Time Savings: The optimized solution architecture enabled the client to leverage Azure’s scalability and pay-as-you-go pricing model effectively. They experienced cost savings by eliminating unnecessary resource usage, optimizing development cycles, reducing operational expenses, and increasing overall efficiency.

Enhanced User Experience: Implementing Azure Front Door and CDN caching resulted in faster loading times for static content. This improvement significantly enhanced the user experience.

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