The client

A leading global provider of waste management service. They help in clearing, collecting, recovering and recycling, diverting and disposing all form of solid and liquid waste from all industries. Widespread across Asia, Europe and South Africa and serving millions of population every day. 

Challenges faced by client

The client had many training materials to equip their employees to understand the processes followed by them. These training materials cover a broad range of topics including how to handle each type of waste, its transportation, disposal etc. They had many instructors as well to cover these topics. They faced challenges in –

• Managing the knowledge base of their employees

• Scheduling training to employees

• Managing the availability of instructors and trainees

 They also faced difficulties in tracking the knowledge of their employees, in order to impart the right training to them.


UB Technology Innovations was invited to develop an E-learning and training application to overcome the
challenges. UII reviewed their business needs and existing reports and built a PowerApps and Microsoft
Flow based application that enabled—
• Convenient tracking and management of instructors
• Seamless uploading/viewing of different subjects
• Training scheduling feature enabled coordination between instructors and trainees in covering topics
• Email notifications and reminders to appropriate stakeholders (using Microsoft Flow)
• Trainee attendance monitoring
• Quick analysis of the current status through the dashboard in the reporting module
Now the client has a clear view and control over their training process. The solution has empowered
instructors and the trainees find their teaching and learning to be more interesting. This has enabled the
firm to transform their training experience.